Environmental Responsibilities

Environmental Mission Statement:

We recognize that woodworking is not perceived as the most environmentally friendly process. However, we believe that we can make the best of the circumstances by reusing, reducing, and recycling whatever and whenever we can. We have held our position in this industry as one of the nation's most environmentally conscious companies since 1980.

We fulfill our commitments by setting strict goals and guidelines:

  • Being a proud certified member of the Environmentally Preferred Product Downstream program
  • Keeping up to date with LEED trends and being LEED ready
  • Distilling and reusing paint thinners, recycling our thermofoil (vinyl), wood, and wood particle dust
  • Promoting proper disposal of old cabinetry by offering customers our ?R n R? (Reface and Recycle) incentive program
  • Recycling used paint cans, both plastic and metal
  • Recycling packaging materials like cardboard, shrink wrap, bubble wrap, and poly strapping

M and J cares about our world and the people in it, and long before it was cool to be green we took a serious stand on environmental responsibility.

From the beginning, M and J has lead the industry in environmental awareness and has recycled their vinyl, wood and wood particle dust, as well as distilling, and reusing their paint thinners.

For more information about our products and our environmental practices, download M and J's

GREEN DREAM brochure.

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Before printing, please think twice so a tree doesn't pay the price.

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