M and J Woodcrafts Vision Statement:

Our vision: to inspire those whom we touch, by never taking short cuts that may further compromise our ecosystem, to believe in tomorrow and consider today. With our actions speaking louder than words, we are recognized as industry leaders for both the dedication to the quality of our products and our environmental commitments

M and J Woodcrafts Mission Statement:

Our mission: to go above and beyond our customers expectations by providing them with premium products, added value, superior service, resources, and environmental commitment.


Our customers find value within the beauty and assurance of quality of our products. People come to us because they know that they will receive a great, long lasting product. In other words, our value offered is the greatest return on your investment.


Our customers are essentially the heart of our business. Each day, our customer service and sales team look forward to providing our customers with excellent service through promptly replying to enquires, processing orders, and taking care of any other needs that they may have.


As our business model is mostly based on doing business with other businesses, we are just as inclined to help our customer?s business as much as our own. That is why we offer resources to help them show, sample, and sell their products! Also ask our friendly staff about our Resource Center today! After all, the success of our customers is our success.

Environmental Commitment

We consider environmental responsibility to be an integral part of our operations. That is why we so strongly believe in our principles, our actions surrounding it, and the benefits that result from them. We make sure, not only that we do our part, but also that our partners and suppliers are just as committed as we are. Together, we can open the door to a greener tomorrow.


Michael Williams


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