Laminate Cabinet Doors

Why M+J 3D Laminate Doors?

Kitchen cabinet doors can make or break a kitchen renovation. Choosing the right doors can easily upgrade an entire home. So how can you be sure you’re picking the right cabinet doors? Of course, there’s color and style, but did you know the material you use has a huge impact as well?

Does Cabinet Door Material Matter?

The material your cabinet doors are made of makes a difference in a number of different ways, including durability, cost, environmental impact, heat resistance, customizability, and weight. Solid Wood, particleboard and medium density fibreboard (MDF) laminate are common materials that doors are made out of. One of the best options for your new doors is MDF with a 3DLaminate film.

What are 3DLaminate Doors?

3DLaminate doors are very similar to traditional laminate, with a few key differences. Both 2D Laminate and 3D Laminate cabinet doors are made of an MDF core. With 2D Laminate cabinets, a thin multilayered film is laid on the surface, 3D Laminate doors are topped with a thin vinyl coating. 3DL or Thermofoil is flexible and has the ability to mold to various profiles, such as
Shaker or Raised Panel. 3D Laminate applied with a vacuum press using a combination of heat and air pressure. The coating offers a uniform appearance to each cupboard door and drawer. When it comes to performance and durability, thermofoil really competes with all other door finish options.

Why Choose 3DLaminate Doors?

From price all the way to durability, 3DLaminate doors outperform wood, laminate, and metal in a number of ways.

– Thermofoil is very easy to clean, you can just use soap and water as opposed to specialized cleaning products required for wood or metal.

– Don’t worry about splashes on your cabinets, thermofoil is water and heat-resistant. The non-porous material effectively and naturally blocks water from reaching the MDF core.

– Speaking of durability, thermofoil is very strong and resists chipping and impact. Our doors are a fantastic choice for busy families as they truly stand up to daily wear and tear

– While thermofoil comes in a number of different colours it also offers a consistent color and finish that is not always guaranteed with a solid wood door.

– Customize the colour of your 3DL doors, M+J Woodcrafts offers a number of options ranging from mattes to woodgrain. Choose from a wide variety of styles as well.

– All the doors are made from 100% recyclable materials, so you can feel great knowing your impact on the environment is quite low as well.

– Finally, the price is right! The cost to make 3DLaminate cabinet doors is much lower than other materials, as a manufacturer, we can pass these savings down to you as the consumer. This means 3DLaminate options are great for any renovation budget!

Thinking about using 3DLaminate doors in your next project? Call M+J Woodcrafts today to speak to a representative. Let the team help you build with innovation. For over 40 years, the M+J Woodcrafts team has been more than willing to go the extra mile for our customers, let us show you why we are one of British Columbia’s top cabinet door suppliers!

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