Edge Banded doors have been progressively getting more and more popular in the Residential Market. There are thousands of colours and grains and too many manufacturers to choose from. However, very few of these will actually look good in your kitchen, and you can’t always be sure that the materials are being made responsibly either.

With M+J’s 40 years of experience manufacturing Kitchen Cabinet Doors, we have done the leg work for you. Carefully selecting only responsible manufacturers of HPL, TFL, PET, and Acrylic, along with only a handful of colour and grain options that we know will look fantastic in any kitchen design.

You can also be assured knowing that M+J’s choice in machinery and the type of glue we use that you will be receiving one of the strongest and least noticeable edges in the market.

Polyolefin (PO) is the adhesive we use with all of our doors in the Banded Collection and it produces a NERO (Near Zero) edge that will withstand high temperature and humidity levels that will eclipse the performance of most doors on the market. It is the same adhesive used with Laser and Hot Air edge banded doors, only we’re not limited in colour and brand selection (as the adhesive is attached to the edge tape for both of those types).

This flexibility also allows us to offer a Cut and Tape Program where you can just ship the tape and board to us and let us do the work. Not only does it free up shop time to focus on making boxes, and give you a superior edge you may not be equipped to produce yourself, but it also helps to control your costs while still outsourcing. A true win-win-win scenario.

Our new Edgebanded Collection, as with all of our Cabinet Doors, follows M+J Woodcrafts’ manufacturing philosophy of top quality products, with the best service in the industry, and an impeccable on-time performance, making these doors your best chance for success.


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