How long has M+J been around?

M+J Woodcrafts has been supplying cabinet manufacturers with custom cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and mouldings since 1980. 

What's your Environmental stance?

We consider environmental responsibility to be an integral part of our operations. That is why we so strongly believe in our principles, our actions surrounding it, and the benefits that result from them. We make sure, not only that we do our part, but also that our partners and suppliers are just as committed as we are.

We fulfil our commitments by setting strict goals and guidelines:

  • Being a proud certified member of the Environmentally Preferred Product Downstream program
  • Keeping up to date with LEED trends and being LEED ready
  • Recycling our 3DL (thermofoil) and wood particle dust
  • Recycling packaging materials like cardboard, shrink wrap, bubble wrap, and poly strapping
  • Shutting the shop down 2 Fridays each month to reduce our carbon impact on the environment
How can I order doors from M+J?

We have Order Forms on our website under Downloads that can be filled out electronically and submitted to out CS Team via fax (604.946.4791, or 1.800.672.3137), or e-mail ([email protected]).

What are your office hours?

Customer Service Representatives can be reached by phone from 7:00 AM through 4:00 PM Pacific Time from Monday to Thursday and select Fridays (see Flex Friday schedule), except statutory holidays

How can I apply for a job at M+J Woodcrafts?

If you are enthusiastic, energetic, and are interested in a career with M+J Woodcrafts please email your resume to [email protected], fax to 604.946.4791, or apply within.

M+J Woodcrafts is an equal opportunities employer.

What is 3DL?

3DL is an acronym for Three Dimensional Laminate, previously referred to as PVC, Thermofoil or Vinyl and is 100% recyclable. 3DL is a calendered product that comes in thin sheets roughly 0.012” thick, and when heated properly can be formed onto the face, into profiles, and around all edges of the door (along with some expertly applied glue to make it stick of course), giving you the only true Seamless door on the market. Making it durable, easy to clean, resistant to cracking, chipping, staining, warping, as well as ambient temperature and humidity changes.

To learn more about the 3DL Collection contact the M+J Sales Team at [email protected] or our Customer Service Team at

What is the difference between a Lacquer and a Conversion Varnish Finish?

Conversion Varnish (CV) is a post catalyzed product that’s higher in solids, making it a thicker, stronger, more flexible coating, that’s more durable and easier to clean than a Lacquer finish. CV’s also have better UV protection so they won’t yellow as fast, or as much, as a Lacquer will, thus holding its colour for a much longer period of time.

Do you drill for hardware (handles, knobs, etc)?

Sorry, we do not. Hardware is always the last thing you should drill for as the variables are too great, like offerings (style, type, colour, etc), possible location on the door, and you may change your mind by the time the cabinets are hung in the kitchen. Letting your installer drill for hardware on site allows you to make that decision once the cabinets are up. You can then test locations on the door where the hardware should go, making sure you are going to be 100% happy with the end result.

How do I measure for hinges?

On our website, under Downloads you can find a “Hinge Hole Drilling Specification Sheet”, that shows you all the measurements that we require from you in order to provide you with that service. However, if you are not comfortable with, or unable to, confidently fill out that form we suggest you employ a tradesperson with the skills to do so. There are too many variables in box construction, hinge types, and different overlays to consider in order for us to lend you a hand with this. Our apologies.

Do you drill for hinges? What Hinge Drilling Pattern do you use?

Yes, we do offer hinge drilling for a fee. We are set up with a standard Blum or Salice pattern that measures 45mm x 9.5mm. Some Grass hinges are set at a 42mm x 11mm so they would not fit our pattern. Please verify your hinge patterns before ordering our Hinge Drilling service.

What is your Warranty on doors?

Our Limited Warranty on 3DL and HPL doors is for a 5 year period.
Our Limited Warranty on Veneer, and Painted MDF doors is for a 1 year period.
For full details on what qualifies for a Warranty against manufacturing defects please refer to our Limited Warranty Guide under Downloads on this website.

Do you carry matching Tape and Board to your 3DL, or where can I get it?

Sorry, no we don’t. Our reputation may be big, but our shop is not. Well, not big enough to store matching board and tape for all of the colours we carry anyways. Besides, there are Distributers that specialize in this.

For Tape (and some may have the Board) there’s Richelieu, E-Roko, and McKillican, just to name a few.
For Board (and some may have the Tape) there’s Formations, Upper Canada, and Hardwoods, for example.

Do you carry Hardware, like Handles and Hinges, or where can I get it?

Sorry again, but we do not. However, there are a lot of Hardware distributors around that can provide those offerings far cheaper than we ever could. Richelieu, Marathon Fasteners, and E-Roko have a great selection.

Can I get a Melamine Back that matches the face of a 3DL door?

We do offer a select few colours that match our 3DLs (email us if you’d like that list). Unfortunately this is another case of limited space within our shop. We don’t have the space to carry matching melamine backs to match all of our colours. We are able to order some matching back board in, as needed, if the volume allows. Please check with Sales on matching back availability before quoting on a job that requires them.

Do you manufacture cabinet boxes as well?

Sorry, we do not. We only manufacture the doors, panels, and finish accessories like mouldings. We would be more than happy to refer you to a Cabinet Maker in your area if you’d like? We would, however, suggest you ask them for references as we are not always privy to their quality or service levels. 

Do you offer installation services?

Sorry, we do not. We would be more than happy to refer you to someone in your area if you’d like? We would, however, suggest you ask them for references as we are not always privy to their quality or service levels.

Painted 1pc MDF vs 5pc Solid Wood, which is better?

In our opinion, a painted 1pc MDF door will not only look better and last longer but can be considered as a greener option as well. 

The paint on a solid wood door will eventually crack where the stile and rail meet, from expansion and contraction of the wood underneath the paint. There will also be sporadic gaps (called “bridging and gapping”) along the inside edge of the centre panel, which is not always appealing. These gaps create a point of possible water penetration or egress that will eventually cause the materials to swell and eventually the coating to fail.

A painted MDF door, by comparison, is more stable and won’t crack from expansion and contraction. There will be no bridging and gapping either, as it’s a solid piece of MDF, which will allow you to clean your doors with confidence that water won’t be getting under the coating. MDF also has a greater impact resistance compared to some solid woods used for Painted 5pc (P5P) doors.

As far as being considered a possible greener choice, our MDF is made of 100% recycled material utilizing pre and post-consumer waste, whereas a Solid Wood door frame utilizes all virgin materials. 

If you feel you must go with a solid wood P5P door, please insist on Maple or Beech for their greater impact resistance compared to Poplar (which is a common and cheaper material used for P5P doors). It will cost you more, but it will be worth it if you want your doors to look good for a longer period of time.

Do you have MDF profiles that match Solid Wood profiles?

MDF doors and Solid Wood doors are manufactured very differently, so the profiles do not cross over. There are some that will look very similar, but they won’t typically be identical.

Can you Grain-Match 3DL as you can with Veneer or HPL?

Yes, we can, but the continuous pattern won’t have the same effect as we have to ensure a minimum 2” gap between parts for the 3DL to form properly around the doors (see drawing below). This means that the wood grain will be broken up when you have 2 doors under a double-wide drawer box or false front. Grain matching is a time-consuming procedure so there is a significant up-charge for this, and can only be quoted per job. Please submit your elevation drawing with your request for a Grain Matching Quote.

Veneer / HPL (1/8″ [Saw Kerf] between parts)

3DL (2″ min Grap between parts)

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