M+J Woodcrafts celebrated its 40th Anniversary on June 9th, 2020!

I proudly share this accomplishment with all my associates, past, present, in the office, and on the shop floor. Without whom we would not have survived the ups and downs we have experienced in the past four decades, some a little more extreme than others.

Any business owner understands the challenges and difficulties associated with staying open for forty years. We have survived multi-year labour strikes, recessions, global financial melt-downs, collapses in the real estate market, and now COVID-19.

Having my daughter Meagan, poised to carry on my legacy, makes me extremely confident that our company will continue to thrive for at least another 40 years.   It will maintain the same passion and dedication to fair and equal opportunity employment practices with a focus on associate satisfaction like no other company in manufacturing.

Producing unequalled quality while maintaining a firm stance protecting the environment as well as ethical business practices and traditions will endure. M+J Woodcrafts will remain a leader in the kitchen and bath industry by keeping a finger on the ever-changing pulse of design and leading with innovation, technology and the determination to always be the best.

The day that Meagan takes over the reins will be one of my proudest.  Even though it is still a ways away, just knowing that I will be keeping M+J Woodcrafts in the family makes me a very happy man and a proud father.

My sincerest thank you to everyone who has supported us throughout the past forty years. We appreciate your business and hope to continue to service this industry for many decades to come.

Happy 40th Anniversary to M+J Woodcrafts Ltd!  I really like the sound of that!

All the best to everyone.

Michael Williams

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